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Project Description

Dynamics CRM Customization Tool For Excel is an update of "CRM 2011 Excel Data Model Add-in" that works for Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015. This tool provides the same features as the old version with some user experience improvements and simplifications but keeping the same concepts of the original tool.
The main purpose is to help Dynamics CRM customizers to save time during the data model implementation avoiding the annoying web interface and help to perform easily repetitive tasks.
The tool can be installed as Excel add-in following a simple installation process, new ribbon commands will be added in Excel providing easy access to all the main operations.
In an Excel sheet is possible to load entity attributes , views and forms that can be used for documentation and tracking, in top of that is possible to customize attributes and views with a simple process that allows to create and update multiple objects at the same time.

How to install


Key Features :
  • Get all the entity attributes
  • Get all the attributes shown in a form
  • Get a list of views and all the columns
  • Add new fields (Text, Decimal, Lookup,.. )
  • Update single or multiple attributes at the same time
  • Edit CRM view columns
  • Edit attributes display name in different languages
  • Load entity customizations from CRM Solutions
  • Edit Option set values , labels and order

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